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Hi I'm Tara, I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional medicine and am an Accredited Functional Nutritionist who is passionate about ‘keeping it real’ when it comes to eating for health. Taking a personal approach to the continued support of others, I offer nutritional and dietary programs that are easy to follow and understand. 

ANTA registered member/ Private Health Rebates Available

Whether you need advice on weight loss, low energy, fatigue, menopause, sports nutrition, food intolerances or eating disorders, I’ll help you achieve your goals!

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A holistic approach to health

As a nutritionist I'll work with your specific digestive and lifestyle requirements to offer personalised advice that suits your individual needs. My goal is to guide you towards a balanced life full of healthy food that nourishes the body, leaving you feeling powerful in both mind and body to reach your health goals. I offer individual consultation in my office or over Skype.

Working together to reach goals with sports, habitual eating, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and more....

Intuitive Eating

Diets DON'T work...if they did, we would be thin already!!! Learn how to be an intuitive eater, not a controlled eater. Controlled eaters are much more likely to be overweight...Knowing how to relax around food is empowering and enables you to change habitual eating, for a long, healthy life.

Evidence Based

Evidence based nutrition to achieve goals, manage medical conditions, change habitual eating and optimise sporting performance.

Sports Nutrition

As an endurance athlete (participant) herself, Tara can guide you on how to reduce injury, continue to train with improvement, race and recover. Learn YOUR exact requirements of macro and micro nutrients, latest information and nutrition race plan. 

6 Week "Love Your Guts" Package

Healing your gut is the number one way to detox and improve your overall health. If you're ready to undertake a gut revival program that will leave you feeling energised, fresh and rid you of bad eating habits, this is for you!

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Tara’s treatment and recommendations revolve around the individual. Both my husband and I have seen Tara for nutritional needs and both have separate goals and outcomes/meal plans. The information Tara provides is based purely on the individual, their body and their needs. I cannot recommend Tara highly enough. I have lost weight, gained muscle and increased strength by tweaking my diet based on outcomes I wanted in myself. Highly recommended.

─ Renee Gimbert

I first went to see Tara as I was feeling lethargic, fatigued, tired and suffering from severe food intolerance. As a busy working Mum and wife trying to keep fit through running and triathlon, I was depressed not being able to achieve my goals. Tara helped me discover the foods that were causing me issues and the foods that I could use as medicine to heal my body. Within a short time seeing Tara I felt like a new person and was able to set and achieve goals I never thought possible. I am so thankful for all the help and guidance I received and could not have enjoyed 2016 so much without Tara’s help.

─ Berlinda Hall

Tara is a caring and truly wonderful nutritionist! She takes the time to listen to your issues & uses a holistic approach in her treatments. Loved her recipes she gave me. Highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their health back on track!

─ Olivia Kopeikin Fulwood

Tara is a passionate nutritionist; she is knowledgeable, positive and has been greatly supportive of my goals. In this fast paced world we all live in Tara understands how to get the best results for my busy lifestyle. 5 out of 5 stars!

─ Josh Norris

As a Triathlon Coach on the Gold Coast, it has been reassuring to send athletes to Tara who is passionate and understanding to their day to day requirements. Knowing the advice given to them was going to encourage eating real whole foods and not feeling like they were missing out, made a huge impact in so many areas of their lives!

─ Allison Cook


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