Fees & Services



Initial Consultation

Initial nutritional consultation includes full assessment and history, presenting concerns, short and long term goals. All body systems are assessed on how they interact together. Tara takes the time needed to listen to your own story and how you got to your health state today. Together, a plan is made with realistic expectations and supported guidance to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Supplementation recommendation is available if required, as is further testing, allergy testing, blood testing and food intolerance testing.

$120 for 1.5 hours (Private health care rebates available)

Follow Up Consultations

Following up and making changed and adjustments to suit your lifestyle and compliance is an integral part of treatment. Assessment of your progress and situation, or simply continued support and mentoring, has the most potential to benefit your long term health and habitual changes.

$65 for 45 minutes or (Initial and Follow Up Consultation – $160)

Check-In Appointments

These appointments are for those that just need a ‘little check in’ to review changes, weight, Bio-impedence measurements , review prescriptions, review test results, or discuss dietary changes. Generally for long term patients or after an initial consultation and follow-up, depending on your requirements.

$45 for 30 minutes

Weight Loss

Many of us, male or female, simply want thorough, individual advice and support on losing weight. With so many diets and media campaigns telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, this is a refreshing way to seek advice that actually suits YOUR individual needs, according to YOUR lifestyle, grocery budget, cooking skill and health concerns. Tara will take an initial consultation, a follow up consultation and then work with you and your lifestyle to reach your goals. In the first consultation, all aspects will be addressed and a realistic goal will be set. Following and into the next consultations, continued adjustment and support will be given until you have reached your goal.

This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. This is where you will start to feel energised, happy and alive, forever!!!

Initial Consultation $120
Follow up consultation and first week plan $65
Personalised weekly food plan with shopping list and recipes sent to you via email $45 per week

Food Plan

Whether you’re an athlete, a bachelor, a busy student, a mum with 4 kids, a terrible cook or you’re just time poor, a food plan can be a great way to keep you on track. Tara offers and writes individual food plans weekly with shopping lists and recipes according to your food intolerances, lifestyle, grocery budget, time, training and family needs. This is the most popular way to learn how to eat seasonally, use food wisely and cover all of your nutrients required for YOUR needs. Some of us need more protein for example…Tara will send you a food plan each week making sure this requirement is met. Meals will always have variety and be based around seasonal foods.

Initial Consultation $120
Follow up consultation and first week plan $65
Personalised weekly food plan with shopping list and recipes sent to you via email $45 per week

Shopping Excursion

One of the favourite appointments is the shopping excursion. This is to compliment your clinic initial consultation. Once a treatment plan has been made, it is ideal to have Tara go with you to the supermarket to make sense of what to buy and how to use it. This takes away the sometimes overwhelming feeling and fear of trying new things. You can then ask as many questions as you like about products and work through what is best for your personal well-being.

$100 for an hour and $60 for 30 minutes

Home Visit & Pantry Challenge

A very unique experience.Tara will come to your home to help you make sense of what food is in your pantry and fridge to support your individual nutritional treatment. This is popular for families and people who have been ‘stuck in a rut’ and want to start living healthier. Tara will help you clean out your fridge and pantry, teaching you how to make the most of your fruits and vegetables in regards to storage and utilisation. She will help you to cook for your needs with consideration for the others living in the household. This service is a wonderful ‘fresh start’ to your journey to a healthier you!

$150 for 1.5 hours

6 Week Gut Harmony

Healing your gut is the number one  way to detox and improve your health. An unwell gut will disrupt your hormones, upset your immunity, and impact your mood, weight, energy, relationships and vitality. Your body needs a healthy balance of good bacteria. Without this, your body cannot interact with other body systems to do its job effectively. In today’s society, there a many ways in which we damage our gut and its lining. The foods we eat, the stress we withhold, the medication we take and everyday environmental toxins. Tara offers a very manageable 6 week ‘gut harmony’ package which will educate you on reviving your gut health so that you feel incredibly energised, fresh and get rid of bad eating habits. This is unique in that it will fit with your lifestyle and individual likes and dislikes.  It comes with meal plans, shopping lists and recipes. You will have an initial consultation and a follow up the following week with Tara which is when you start the 6 week program. During the first week, you will cleanse your fridge and pantry, identify any barriers and start reducing processed food and stimulants. The 6 weeks will consist of beautiful food and juices, soups and smoothies, all of which you will love and continue eating long after the 6 weeks have finished.

$400 for a 90 minute individual initial consultation,  Bioi-mpedence measurements (if requested), weekly food plan, recipes and shopping lists (personalised for your needs and lifestyle requirements), ongoing support and guidance from Tara

Sports Nutrition

Athletes have different requirements that need to be met in order to perform at their optimum, reduce fatigue and to prevent injury. Eating properly when training heavily can have a significant effect on consecutive training ability and either make or break performance at a race or event. With support and evaluation, Tara will calculate your needs for carbohydrate, electrolyte, protein and fat needed for your specific requirements. Having experience in endurance sports, Tara understands the importance of nutrition in this realm.

Whether you’re wanting to support immunity and reduce inflammation or wanting a food plan prepared specifically for an event, nutrition is vital in the preparation and training in your chosen sport.

Initial Consultation – $120 for 90 minutes
Food plan with shopping list and recipes sent to you via email – $45 a week