About Me


Hi, I’m Tara!

I am a nutritionist and I care deeply about the food I put into my body as it directly affects my energy, mood, sleep and happiness. I have learnt the hard way through disordered eating and sickness that food is either helping or harming me. I look back on the younger me and cannot believe the relationship I had with food. It is all to do with mindset and education.

I don’t want to write loads about myself as the idea is to focus on YOU, however it is good for you to know that I am human and have life experience that you may or may not be able to relate to.

I work with many different people with many different needs. There is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You may come to me with expectations to lose weight, or to help find what’s making you feel bloated. You may wish to have a program to follow to support your autoimmune disease. You may need help with prepping your body to improve fertility. You may need a race or training plan for a sport or you may have children that need help with their nutrition to grow and thrive. It is very satisfying for me to help people and I put my all into helping you with your needs.

I love to work with athletes. I love the science of nutrition in sport. I am an endurance athlete myself and have competed in 9 ironman competitions, about 14 half ironman’s, 320km cycling races, many trail and half marathons, countless shorter races and a ridiculous amount of crazy adventures. I work with clients in their sport to reduce injury, improve performance, enhance immunity, support recovery and fuel for their specific sessions.

I also work with people to improve their relationship with food. I have battled and beaten an eating disorder that lasted on and off for 17 years. I learnt that my mind and it’s influences were the basic source of my food choices. I have experienced this from all angles and know I can help shift these habits to a place where they can be in the past.

I am passionate about preventative health. I didn’t become a nutritionist until I got sick and became fascinated in health, which was now 9 years ago. Prior to that I was a music teacher who did little to no exercise, either starved myself or binged and always took on too many commitments.

In my mid 40’s now, I have had cancer, gall stones, bowel issues, menopause, depression, injuries. I have learnt that all of these things may have been avoided with taking better care of my internal and external health.  Eating better, exercising smarter, reducing stress and more education on what works for the individual is paramount in becoming the best version of one’s self for the rest of life.

I love to work with children. My children are grown now and even though I had battles with them and healthy food, as any mum does, I am proud to say that it didn’t totally fall on deaf ears. They are now 20 and 21 and DO take care of themselves. They cook simple healthy foods and make good lifestyle choices (most of the time). So don’t give up, your children ARE watching you as their role model! I conduct group workshops with kids sporting groups (dance, soccer, gymnastics, triathlon etc) to inspire and teach what could become lifetime good dietary habits. I love this age in life as this can support their growth and bone health, reduce injury in sport and increase longevity.

 Anyway, enough about things I love…let’s move on to you!