Hi I’m Tara, I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional medicine and am an Accredited Functional Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people of all ages to be the healthiest they can be. Whether it is changing habits, supporting illness and systematic health issues, finding more energy in your day or supporting yourself as an athlete, I offer nutritional advice and plans to best support your needs as an individual.

ANTA registered member/ Private Health Rebates Available.

Whether you need advice on weight loss, low energy, fatigue, menopause, sports nutrition, food intolerances or eating disorders, I’ll help you achieve your goals!

More about me

A holistic approach to health

As a nutritionist I’ll work with your specific digestive and lifestyle requirements to offer personalised advice that suits your individual needs. My goal is to guide you towards a balanced life full of healthy food that nourishes the body, leaving you feeling powerful in both mind and body to reach your health goals. I offer individual consultation in my office or over Skype.

Working together to reach goals with sports, habitual eating, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and more….

Intuitive Eating

Diets DON’T work, if they did, we’d be thin already! Learn how to be an intuitive eater, not a controlled eater. Controlled eaters are much more likely to be overweight. Knowing how to relax around food is empowering & enables you to change habitual eating, for a long, healthy life.

Evidence Based

Evidence based nutrition to achieve goals, manage medical conditions, change habitual eating and optimise sporting performance.


Sports Nutrition

As an endurance athlete (participant) herself, Tara can guide you on how to reduce injury, continue to train with improvement, race and recover. Learn YOUR exact requirements of macro and micro nutrients, latest information and nutrition race plan.