Q&A With Client Amber Folmer

How long had you contemplated seeing a nutritionist before you decided to go?
A while. After trying a few silly diets that never made me feel better/healthier or lose weight.

What were the catalysts for you first making that initial appointment?
Not being happy with what I was seeing in the mirror and how I felt.

Did you find making changes to your diet difficult?
Not too much, I was given good healthier alternatives and for someone that loves chocolate that is a plus.

Did you have to change your lifestyle to fit with changes?
Yes but was prepared for that and wanting things to change and they were reasonable.

Was testing a useful tool in your progression of treatment?
Yes, I liked hearing of my improvements to my health.

Were there tough times along the way in your journey?
Yes, there were ups and downs where I fell off the wagon (marvellous zingers)!

What has continued to motivate you to keep going?
I set myself some goals and was tired of feeling tired, so need to be consistent.

Have the nutritional consultations helped you continue to stay on your health journey?
Yes definitely, find myself making a lot more healthier choices.

Do you feel supported in your health?

What advice would you give to others in similar situations as you?
I would say make an appointment with Tara.

How has your life changed since that initial nutritional appointment?
I now eat a lot more fruits and vegetables everyday and actually crave them.

What confuses you about nutrition?
Knowing what to eat and when is best to eat it. Also you hear shouldn’t eat some things as they are not good for you but then you hear you should eat more of it as it’s really good for you.

Do you believe that the changes you have made will make a difference in the future?
I hope so, eating better sure makes me feel better.

What are your future goals?
To have better core fitness and get my abs out from under the doona cover they are hiding under.

Anything else you would like to share?
Tarzie rocks as a nutritionist!